Episode Zero – The Beginning

Welcome to The Learning Cliff; a podcast documenting the experiences of a brand new player in Eve Online.

Of your two hosts, Nick has been playing Eve Online for some time and Will knew it only as that complicated game of internet spaceships that periodically pops up in the news when it sets a new record for destroying virtual goods. We can’t actually remember how the conversation that led to this podcast happened, but we thought it might be interesting for Nick to coach Will through the early days of the game and record our progress. A sort of audio-only Let’s Play with more explanations and tangents than actual gameplay.

We’re tremendously grateful to the silent third member of the team, Michael “Dougrattmanthepyro” Smith , for taking on the task of editing our audio; and to the staff of Kritzkast for kindly offering us a corner of their server. (And explaining to me how to operate it using short words.)

This is Episode Zero, a short explanation of who we are and what the project is about.

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