About The Learning Cliff

Eve Online is a famously complicated game, with enough depth and complexity to reward years of practice. It’s often been said that the learning curve for a new player is more like a learning cliff.

We thought it would be interesting to take someone who had never played Eve before, and record their experiences through the early parts of the game, with a slightly more experienced friend along to explain how and why things work. As journeys of discovery go, what this mostly taught us is that we’re really good at going off on wild tangents.

Our episodes are typically 30-45 minutes long, and we upload a new episode roughly once a week. (Well, okay, by Year 2 it’s more like every three weeks or so.)

You can subscribe directly to the podcast feed by pointing your app at http://thelearningcliff.com/feed/podcast

Contact us at podcast@thelearningcliff.com or on Twitter @LearningCliff

2 thoughts on “About The Learning Cliff”

  1. I’ve only just started playing eve on 7/19/15 and subscribed 7/22/15. I started at the beginning of the podcast and am currently listening to TLC 009. So far, everything I have heard I have been able to relate to. I don’t know if later you cover this, but I went through the Opportunity system and have to say it leaves a lot of gaps that listening to this broadcast has covered so far. I intend to keep on listening, you two are definitely entertaining and metaphorically seeing one experienced player play with a newbie puts things in a different light for me. Also, Ruskydoo’s inevitable difficulties make me not feel so bad about my own horrible stories (Short mention: Making 47 jumps into nul-sec in a Mammoth)

  2. I’ve been playing for a couple months and have become so confused that this podcast my be the thing that holds my head above water. I’m maybe half way through the Sisters of Eve epic ark. I’m and am proud to have not died for two missions in a row, was only scammed once this week. Victory! Right? Urr… Anyway, great podcast.

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